Belgrade Art Fair

The video work "Drowning" is screening at Belgrade Art Fair. AIVA (Angelholm International Video Art Festival) have been invited to present a special selection from AWIA's open call program earliers this year which Drowning was a part of. Belgrade Art Fair is the first international artist-run art fair in the Balkans and it takes place from October 25-28Th 2012.

Kulturni Centar Beograda, Trg Republike 5, Belgrade.

Opening hours:
Thursday 18-21, Friday-Saturday 11-21, Sunday 11-17.

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Metamorphose - Dance Theater and video art events

Metamorpose is a dance theater performance by Anita Saij with video works by Martin Thaulow. It can be seen during the cultural week on the Island of Bornholm from September 14Th - 23Rd, 2012.

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Drowning selected for AVIA, SE

The video work "Drowning" has been selected for AIVA (Angelholm International Video Art Festival). See it in Angelholm from April 26th till April 28th if you are visiting that part of Sweden during those days.

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Music Video for Soluna Samay

Martin Thaulow has directed and edited the music video for Should’ve Known Better, (the winning song at the Danish Melodi Grand Prix), performed by Soluna Samay.

Watch it here >>

Interview in National Danish Radio P1

In relation with the artist collaborative RIMBAUD's exhibition "The Strange", Martin Thaulow was interviewed for a 6 minute feturefor for the program "Kulturnyt" (Cultural News) broadcasted on National Radio P1/ P2.

Interview in "Kunstpausen"

Martin Thaulow is presenting the exhibition "The Strange" in the net based art channel "Kunstpausen" edition # 65.

Watch it here >


Multimedia installation working with video, readymades (9 black doors), soil, audio and butoh dance. Choreography by Anita Saij.

METAMORPHOSE is the latest multimedia installation by Danish visual artist Martin Thaulow made for the group exhibition "The Alien" (Det Fremmede), when the Nordic artist association RIMBAUD venues their second exhibition this year (2011). The exhibition is displayed from October the 1st until October the 30th in NY TAP, Copenhagen.

9 black doors are place to form a nonagon (a polygon that has nine equal sides and angles). The floor is covered with soil and in the center of the nonagon on the soil 7 old television screen are placed.

On the 7 old televisions screens  7 different butoh dances are dislayed. The dance is choreographed by Anita Saij and performed by 5 dancers.


Multimedia Installation by Martin Thaulow
Choreography: Anita Saij
Dancers: Sinéad Conway, Katya Buchleitner, Cláudio de Almeida Vidal, Maria Matinmikko and Lucile Floreal.
Composer/ sound design: Andreas Nilsson
Sound recocrdings: Ane Fabricius, Jakob Stig Isaksen, Martin Thaulow
Dir. / edith: Maritn Thaulow
A-camera: Martin Thaulow
B-Camera: Kasper Kristensen

Supported by Kulturhuset FREM and À DEUX MAINS FILM