A multi media installation by Martin Thaulow

Metamorphose is a multi media installation by Martin Thaulow involving video, readymades (9 black doors), soil, audiotive landscapes and TVs displaying butoh dance. The choreography is by Anita Saij and performed by dancers from Nordic Butoh Center.

METAMORPHOSE was made for the group exhibition "The Strange", in relation to the Nordic artist association RIMBAUD second exhibition in 2011. The exhibition was displayed in NY TAP, Copenhagen.

9 black doors are bulid together and form a nonagon (a polygon that has nine equal sides and angles). The floor is covered with soil and in the center of the nonagon on the soil 7 old television screen are placed.

On the 7 old televisions screens 7 different butoh dances are dislayed. The dance is choreographed by Anita Saij and performed by 5 international dancers.


Multimedia Installation by Martin Thaulow
Choreography: Anita Saij
Dancers: Sinéad Conway, Katya Buchleitner, Cláudio de Almeida Vidal, Maria Matinmikko and Lucile Floreal.
Composer/ sound design: Andreas Nilsson
Sound recocrdings: Ane Fabricius, Jakob Stig Isaksen, Martin Thaulow
Dir. / edith: Maritn Thaulow
A-camera: Martin Thaulow
B-Camera: Kasper Kristensen

Supported by Kulturhuset FREM and À DEUX MAINS FILM