A multi media installation by Martin Thaulow

6.500 meters gift ribbon, modern dance, video projections and sound.

Last year the multimedia installation "Contraction" was exhibited at Grønbechs Gård (Bornholm, Denmark). Visitors are able to walk through 6.500 metres of gift ribbon hanging from the ceiling, which create an adventurous forest to disappear in. The installation playfully and provocatively merges fantasy and reality, working with the invisible borders. Does you dare to enter and are you allowed to touch the art?

Inside the installation a video loop is played revealing a modern ballet danced by the artist's mother. The musical composition forms the soundscape for the whole installation and the choreography refers to the different phases of life.

Credits Contraction:

Installation/film by Martin Thaulow
Dancer: Elisabeth Thaulow
Composer/ sound design: Rudi Arapahoe
Song: Jovana Backovic